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Fuding Taimu Shan – The Mountain of White Tea

After a short stay in Fuzhou, our tea consultant, Jianli, went to Taimu Shan, the birth place of Da Bai Cha. There, she stayed for a few days in Yipianwa (meaning “a piece of earthen tile”) Temple where we got our white tea this year. The tea from Yipianwa Temple is meticulously cared for by Shi Tai and Chanxin Shi Fu. During the busy tea season, they recruit help from the valley, but most of the time it is only the two of them looking after the tea fields. They guided Jianli during her visit to the garden. With the extra Zen care they provide, the tea grown is extremely healthy and flourishes. Although we cannot provide an organic certificate for these teas, we are able to present you the environment and the people.