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Our supreme tea selections are ultra rare teas that you are very unlikely to find even in China and simply will not find elsewhere in North America. These are not teas to rush into, rather, take your time and explore all kinds of Chinese teas and savour every moment of the journey. Feel free to contact us for help selecting a tea that is right for you and prepared to be amazed at the experience some of the finest tea that China has to offer.

rou gui huiyuan kengrou gui huiyuan keng


Rou Gui, one of the most famous rock teas. Huiyuan Keng, one of the most sought-after micro terroirs in the Wuyi Mountains. When Rou Gui is grown in the divine environment of Huiyuan Keng and made with peerless expertise, you get a top-notch yancha you just can't miss.

floral     fruity     leather     nutty     smoky     toasty    woody     chocolatey     vegetal

Sheng Shu Puer tea

Aged Shu Pu’er 1990s

A sip of time with unparalleled depth and complexity.

Aged Gu Shu Sheng Pu’er 1999

Experience the taste of an authentic 1999 Sheng Pu’er, properly aged in impeccable conditions

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