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Yellow tea (黄茶 – huáng chá) was discovered as a result of an “accident” made in the green tea process. This accidental step eventually became an official step called yellowing and a new type of tea was born. Famous for its evident fragrance and complicated, layered taste while still remaining brisk and fresh, it is also, a troubled tea category due to its risky and difficult process – fewer and fewer producers are able to produce yellow tea and those that can are reluctant to take the risk. The yellowing process creates a unique flavor that is well worth exploring.

yellow teayellow tea


Native to China, yellow tea features a unique sweet, bright and floral taste. As with any other tea type, yellow teas offer a wide variety of teas to explore. Different regions have different ways of making yellow tea, combined with various cultivars, each tea brings its own unique flavor experience to your cup.

floral     fruity     leather     nutty     smoky     toasty    woody     chocolatey     vegetal

What is Yellow Tea

As a lesser know tea type, yellow tea (huang cha) is often confused with green tea. Though they do share a lot in common, yellow tea is its own tea category. So what is yellow tea? What's so special about yellow tea? What are the different yellow teas?

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