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Black tea (红茶 – hóng chá) is the most popular tea in the world. It offers a richly developed flavor for the tea lover as it is completely oxidized. The flavors of Chinese black tea range from woody and fruity to malty and grainy with delicious herbal and floral notes. Be prepared to experience a heartwarming range of flavors as you explore our selections. Cuddle up with a cup of our black tea and let your mind and body benefit from the relaxing experience.

jin jun meijin jun mei


Real Jin Jun Mei tea is the undisputed best black tea in the world. Since the birth of Jin Jun Mei, it has reshaped people's understanding of black tea from a low-end export tea to a top-notch, tasting-grade tea. This real Jin Jun Mei is made by Mr. Jian, the inventor of Jin Jun Mei, whose ancestors invented black tea hundreds of years ago. The heritage of greatness continues with Jin Jun Mei with a taste that cannot be achieved by the counterfeits. A must-try for any tea taster.

floral     fruity     leather     nutty     smoky     toasty    woody     chocolatey     vegetal

How to Brew Black Tea

Though we are very familiar with black tea, many are still not so sure of how to brew black tea properly. What's the best water temp for black tea, or how long to brew black tea? Here are some tips for how to preparing black tea for a perfect sip.

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