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Dark tea (黑茶 – hēi chá) has a profound respect for time – the older the tea gets, the more complex it becomes, a unique mellow and rich taste crafted by time. The unparalleled intricacy and sophistication of flavor are like the wisdom of the elderly – it requires experience to recognize, understand and appreciate it. We have taken great care to bring together a marvelous selection of dark tea that will take your tea experience to a new level.

Aged Gu Shu Sheng Pu’er 1999Aged Gu Shu Sheng Pu’er 1999

Authenticity in Time

Aged Puer tea elegantly reveals the beauty of aged tea. Thanks to its unique cultivar, real aged puer tea features an incredibly complex taste with a deep and rich mouthfeel. Explore our vintage tea lineup. Our expertise and dedication to transparency and authenticity in Chinese tea makes your sip simple and worry-free.

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Fu-Zhuan dark tea

Fu Cha Brick Tea

Fu Cha, also known as fu zhuan, is a dark tea that comes in brick form and is renowned for its exceptional health benefits. Inside the pressed tea brick, is naturally produced jin hua (golden flower, Eurotium cristatum) which is well known to be beneficial to health. Featuring mushroomy, light woody, and watermelon rind notes, Fu Cha is a win-win choice for the taste buds as well as our body.

Aged Premium Tian Jian 2013 Anhua Dark Tea

Anhua Dark Tea

Anhua dark tea, hailing from Hunan Province in the south-central China, is famous for its dark tea selections, such as Tian Jian, Qian Liang Cha, and Fu Cha. These Hunan dark teas share some similarities in flavor, calming, mild, and warming, at the same time provide various tasting experience due the difference in the process.

Shu Pu'er Dark Tea


Looking for a stress relief tea that calms you and uplifts your spirit? Don't miss out on dark teas. These are the best calming tea among loose leaf teas, relaxing and refreshing.

How to Brew Dark Tea (hei cha)

As a lesser known tea type, dark tea is a myth to many tea lover, not to mention nailing down how to brew it confidently? What's the best way to brew dark tea? How long to steep it? What's the best water temp for dark tea? This video answers it all. If you want to learn about the basics, like What is dark tea, be sure to check out our online tea course!