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As a partially-oxidized tea, oolong tea (乌龙茶 – wū lóng chá), also known as qīng chá (青茶), falls between the green and black tea categories. The symbolic feature of oolong (wulong cha) is green leaves with a red frame. Combining the advantages of the green and black tea processes, oolong tea (wulong cha) provides a vast range of choices of aroma as well as taste.


Croissant In A Cup

Bai Ya Qi Lan is a wonderful combination of creamy, buttery and floral notes. As an elegantly roasted oolong tea, this Qi Lan is the best oolong tea for those who are just getting started with the world of Oolong (wulong cha), as well as those who have been in love with the richness of Oolong tea (wulong cha). Though most Qi Lan tea you've encountered is Wuyi style Qi Lan, the origin of Qi Lan is Pinghe where this Bai Ya Qi Lan is from. This fan-favorite, traditional Qi Lan will be a new stable in your cup.

floral     fruity     leather     nutty     smoky     toasty    woody     chocolatey     vegetal

Shui Xian

Best Oolong Tea

Have you been searching for an exquisite wulong cha to elevate your tasting experience to the next level? Don't miss out on these oolongs. Each of them represents the best of the real, authentic Chinese tea world.. top-notch tea.

Aged Da Hong Pao 2014 Top Grade liquor

Aged Oolong Tea

Time has worked its charm into the taste of these aged teas. Sophisticated yet mellow, gentle yet powerful, rich with incredible depth in the mouthfeel, these vintage oolongs are ideal for those meditative, indulgent moments.

Aged Da Hong Pao 2014

Wuyi Oolong

These roasted oolong teas with their unique and complex tasting profiles hail from the Wuyi Mountains. The #1 choice of whisky, cigar, or wine aficionados.

How to Brew Wulong Cha

How to brew oolong tea? Making oolong tea can be daunting for those who are just getting into gongfu tea brewing. How long do you steep the tea, especially loose leaf oolong? Here are the best tips and tricks, a quick-start to get you into brewing that delicious sip!