An Inside Look at Chinese Tea

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‘For the tea savvy and beginners alike

Whether you’ve been to other Chinese tea workshops or this is your first taste of Chinese tea, you will benefit greatly from this experience. Our session covers more than just the technical aspects of tea, such as tea classifications, brewing details and tea ceremony specifics. It intertwines these ‘facts and figures’ with the rich culture and long history of Chinese tea and brings them together to show how tea culture is really a reflection of healthy living and harmony with nature.

In a Nutshell

  • Tasting 5 high quality teas
  • A brief, accurate history of Chinese tea
  • The benefits of Chinese tea from a traditional perspective
  • Introduction to the 6 different types of Chinese tea
  • Highlight famous teas from each category
  • Clearing up a few of the most popular misunderstandings about Chinese tea
  • A look at Chinese Cha Dao

Why ZhenTea?

We have over 20 years’ experience and five publications on Chinese tea and its culture. Having been a guest professor at various universities and speaker at numerous events, we are highly respected in the Chinese tea area domain in China. We are dedicated to sharing correct information about Chinese tea both in China and North America, bridging cultures and ensuring that the best tea is both enjoyed as well as understood.

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