Xu Gong Cha (Bi Tan Piao Xue) – Jasmine Green Tea


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Our Bi Tan Piao Xue comes directly from the original inventor Mr. Xu Jin Hua and is entirely handmade. The dry tea leaves are neat and compact and mostly green with visible silver hairs and a hint of yellow. The jasmine flowers are finally allowed to blossom when the tea is brewed and they float serenely among the green tea leaves as if a light spring snow is falling on the green pond. Watching the fresh green leaves slowly and steadily descend, separating themselves from the white jasmine blossoms floating on the top is a surreal experience that will sooth your soul. The visually stunning yellowish green liquid has a distinctive jasmine fragrance combined with a vigorous green tea aroma that slowly recedes as the jasmine fragrance steadily becomes the stronger aroma. The tender and delicate buds deliver all the freshness and sweetness of green tea while the jasmine offers up a pleasant floral smell that awakes you and lifts your spirits. The finish is fast and sweet and continues to fill the nose with delightful aromas that will embrace you for your entire journey with this tea. Always present, but never overpowering, the jasmine and tea leaves are so young and fresh they are even edible and quite delicious.

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