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Tang Dynasty and Tea | The Classic of Tea by Lu Yu

The Tang Dynasty - Rewinding our Minds 1200 Years

Before we dive straight into The Classic of Tea, I want to share some background and give us all, a deeper understanding of the time so that we can all better understand this amazing book. Lu Yu’s Classic of Tea was written during the mid-Tang Dynasty about 1,200 years ago and a LOT has changed since then – so it’s no shocker that we really need to get ourselves into the mindset for MAX enjoyment! Not only the way we grow, process and drink tea has changed, but also the way people live and view things are obviously wildly different. This video, provides a snapshot of the Tang Dynasty and how people enjoyed tea around that time and take a quick look at some of the tea tools they used. Check it out and then dive into the Sunday Tea Book Videos!

Tang Dynasty and Tea | Getting ready for Sunday Tea Book | The Classic of Tea by Lu Yu

Ready for Sunday Tea Book?

Hopefully, this video helped rewind your mind 1200 years and get you revved up for the Sunday Tea book reading of The Classic of Tea. It may be a book from 1200 years ago much of which is not applicable to today’s tea lovers directly, but as a classic, it still provides much useful knowledge. In Sunday Tea book we aspire to connect modern with ancient, read beyond the words, explain the culture and the time difference, and learn helpful information about today’s tea.

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