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Tea Music Collab Project

Let’s do a project to create another crazy tea song!

I’m thinking this one will be Oolong Themed and will be to the tune of Crazy Train by the great (or at least used to be) Ozzy Ozbourne.

I’m looking for folks crazy enough to join me in this endeavor!

If you play any instrument (especially guitar) and have the ability to record yourself fairly decently (you’ve probably goofed around with a DAW before, Garage Band or similar), let’s make this happen.

I’ll be sending out the bed tracks (bass and a cheesy drum beat to keep us on tempo at least), then we can start and lay down your tracks into the mix.

We can sort out the details once we’re underway, just fill out the form below and we’ll get rockin’!

This is going to be fun!

(your email address will only be used for this project, nothing else)

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