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China Tea ep. 31 – Yellow Tea – Junshan Yin Zhen, Huoshan Huang Ya | Sunday Tea Book | Sip-a-long – Da Ye Qing

Junshan Yin Zhen

In the book Dream of the Red Chamber, Miaoyu used the snow on the winter sweet flowers from previous year to brew Lao Jun Mei (老君眉), This “Lao Jun Mei” is Junshan Yin Zhen.

Tender green like the heart of lotus seeds

Junshan Yin Zhen has strong and sturdy tea buds that are uniform in shape. The buds are orange and covered with silver tea fuzz, winning it the nickname Jin Xiang Yu (金镶玉). It’s tea buds are needle shaped and therefore called Junshan Yin Zhen.

Use a glass tumbler and boiling water to brew Junshan Yin Zhen when drinking the tea. You will see every tea bud stand straight up in the water, sometimes floating up to the surface, sometimes lingering in the middle of the glass, sometimes gradually sinking to the bottom of the tumbler.


Da Ye Qing


Dry Leaf: Butter cookies, sweet, hints of fresh straw
Liquor Colour: Light yellow-gold
Liquor Aroma: Gentle meadow grasses and flowers
Flavor: Hints of butter cookie and meadowy freshness
Mouthfeel: Clean and bright
Gaiwan Lid: Field of hay, light floral
Other: Refreshing, gentle crispness

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The look of dry leaves: made entirely with buds, covered in tea fuzz, bright and brilliant in color.


Junshan Yin Zhen has a high and elegant aroma, sweet, brisk and rich in taste with orange liquor color.

Huoshan Huang Ya

Huoshan Huang Ya is the first tea in Anhui history. It was first recorded in book The Records of the Grand Historian (史记) in the West Han Dynasty. The plucking season is usually a few days before Guyu Day (谷雨). It uses one bud and one or two leaves, and there are 5 phases to make the tea.

A Royal Tribute Tea

Huoshan Huang Ya hails from Dabie Shan, in the Huoshan Mountains in Anhui Province. It is a premium tea with a long reputation. From the Tang Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty, Huoshan Huang Ya was a royal tribute tea. In The Records of the Grand Historian, Sima Qian wrote ‘there’s Huang Ya in the Shouchun Mountains’. ‘Boil and drink it, after a long time, become immortals’. Li Zhao of Tang Dynasty says in his book Guo Shi Bu (国史补), Huang Ya was listed as one of the 14 royal tribute teas.


Look of dry leaves: straight with slight curves on the tip, looks like a sparrow’s tongue. Uniformed, each leaf forms its own cluster. Tender green with fuzz.


Huoshan Huang Ya has bright, clear yellowish green liquor. The aroma is gentle and lingering, taste is rich, xian (umami), and thick with strong return sweet.

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