Jin Jun Mei


Dry Leaf: fresh berry sweetness
Humid Leaf: sweet and warm roasty
Liquor Colour: deep gold
Liquor Aroma: sweet, malted grains, slight floral
Mouth Feel: silky, smooth and long lingering
Flavour: sweet, warm roastiness, chocolate

The whole experience preparing and sipping this tea is elevating! The sweet luscious smell of the dry leaf is intoxicating and once we put the leaf into our warmed gaiwan it was combined with a roasty characteristic. Subtle, but solid, and warming to the core.  The bright gold liquor gave off hints of sweetness and malted grains, almost like an aged whiskey. The liquor flavour is astonishing, a perfect blend of sweet, roasty, chocolatiness wrapped in an incredibly silky, smooth mouthfeel. The concepts of bitterness and astringency cease to exist while you are sipping this tea and time stops while the flavour lingers for what seems like a wonderful eternity. A gorgeous floral aroma appeared around the fourth infusion and the other characteristics remained solid.

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