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The Classic of Tea by Lu Yu Chapter 8 – Terroir – Sunday Tea Book

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Chapter 8 – Terroir

Shannan tea region

The best quality tea is from Xiazhou (Xiazhou, tea comes from the valley of Yuanan, Yidu, and Yiling counties). Xiangzhou and Jingzhou are of lower quality (Xiangzhou, tea comes from the valley of Nanzhang county; Jingzhou, tea comes from the valley of Jiangling). Hangzhou tea is low quality (Hengzhou, tea comes from the valley of Hengshan and Chaling county). Jinzhou and Liangzhou’s tea is even worse (Jinzhou, tea comes from the valley of Xicheng and Ankang counties; Liangzhou, tea comes from the valley of Xiangcheng and Jinniu counties).

The Classic of Tea - figure 8-1 - Tang Dynasty Tea Region Map
Tang Dynasty Tea Region Locations

Huainan tea region

The best tea is from Guangzhou (Guangzhou, tea comes from Huangtou Gang of Guangshan county). Yiyang Jun and Shuzhou have lower quality (Yiyang Jun, tea comes from Zhong Mountain of Yiyang County; Shuzhou, tea comes from Qian Mountain of Taihu county). Shouzhou tea is low quality (Shouzhou, tea comes from Huo Mountain of Shengtang County.) Qizhou and Huangzhou have even lower quality (Qizhou, tea comes from the valley of Huangmei county; Hangzhou, tea comes from the valley of Macheng county).

Zhexi tea region

Huzhou has the best tea (Huzhou, tea comes from the Guzhu valley of Changcheng county; the teas from Shansang, Rushi temples and Baimao Mountain Xuanjiao Valley is similar to Xianghou, Jingzhou and Yiyang Jun; teas from Fuyi Ge of Fengting Mountain, Feiyun and Qushui temples and Zhuomu valley is similar to Shouzhou and Changzhou; teas from the valley of Anji and Wukang counties is similar to Jinzhou and Liangzhou). Changzhou tea is of lower quality (Changzhou, tea comes from the north foot of Xuanjiao Valley Jun Mountain of Yixing County is similar to the tea of Jingzhou and Yiyang Jun; tea from Shanquan temple in Quan Ling and Shiting Mountain is similar to Shouzhou tea). Xuanzhou, Hangzhou, Muzhou, and Shezhou have lower-quality tea. (Xuanzhou, teas from Ya Mountain of Xuancheng county is the same as Qizhou tea; Xuan zhou, teas from Shangmu and Linmu of Taiping county is similar to Huangzhou tea. Hangzhou, teas from Tianmu Mountain of Linan and Yuqian counties is similar to Shuzhou; Hangzhou, tea comes from Tianzhu and Lingyin temples of Qiantang county;Muzhou, tea comes from the valley of Tonglu; Shezhou, teas from the valley of Wuyuan county are similar to Hengzhou tea). Runzhou and Suzhou have even lower quality (Runzhou, tea comes from Ao Mountain of Jiangning county; Suzhou, teas from Dongting Mountain of Changzhou county. Both are the same as Jinzhou, Qizhou and Liangzhou).

Zhedong tea region

Yuezhou has the best tea (Yuezhou, teas from Pubuquan Ling of Yuyao county is called Xian Ming. The big-leaf teas are especially good, and the small-leaf ones are the same as Xiangzhou). Mingzhou and Wuzhou have lower quality (Mingzhou, teas from Yujia village of Mao county; Wuzhou, teas from Dongmu Mountain of Dongyang county are the same as Jingzhou). Taizhou tea is the worst (Taizhou, teas from Chicheng of Feng county is the same of Shezhou).

Jiannan tea region

Tea from Pengzhou has the best quality (Pengzhou, teas from Zhide temple and Pengkou of Ma’anshan is the same of Xiangzhou). Mianzhou, Shuzhou, and Qiongzhou have lower quality (Mianzhou, teas come Songling Guan of Long’an county is the same as Jingzhou; teas from Xi Mountain in Xichang county, Changming County, and Shenquan County of Mianzhou are all very good; once it’s passed Song Ling it’s not worth picking. Suzhou, teas from Zhangren Mountain of Qingcheng county are similar to Mianzhou; Qingcheng County produces loose leaf tea and powder tea). Yazhou and Luzhou tea quality is bad (Yazhou, tea comes from Baizhang Mountain and Ming Mountain; Luzhou, teas from Luchuan is similar to Jinzhou). Meizhou and Hanzhou tea is of even worse quality (Meizhou, tea comes from Tie Mountain of Danling county; Hangzhou, teas from Zhu Mountain of Mianzhu county is similar to Runzhou).

Qianzhong tea region

Teas come from Sizhou, Bozhou, Feizhou, Yizhou.

Jiangnan tea region

Teas come from Ezhou, Yuanzhou, Jizhou.

Lingnan tea region

Teas come from Fuzhou, Jianzhou, Shaozhou, Xiangzhou (Fuzhou, tea comes from Minfang Mountain and Shanyin county).

In terms of the quality of tea from Si, Bo, Fei, Yi, E, Yuan, Ji, Fu, Jian, Shao, Xiang Zhou, I’m not sure. But I often receive teas from these places and they all taste very good.

The Classic of Tea Chapter 8

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