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The Classic of Tea by Lu Yu Chapter 9 – Simplify – Sunday Tea Book

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Chapter 9 – Simplify

Tools to make a tea cake

If it’s during the fire ban time in the early spring, in the wild among the mountains and temples, people work together to steam, crush, and roast, then the qi, bu, bei, guan, peng, chuan, and yu, these 7 tools are not needed.

Tools to boil tea

If the teaware can be displayed in the forest then the display rack is not needed. If using a wood fire and pot to boil the tea, then a stove, ashtray, tan zhua, huo ce, and jiao chuang are not needed. If you are next to a spring or brook, then the shui fang, di fang, and lu shui nang are not needed. If there are fewer than 5 people present for the tea gathering, the tea leaves can be ground into finer pieces, and the luo he is not needed. If climbing the mountain and cliff with a vine, and entering a cave with a rope, and the tea is roasted and powered before going in or the tea powder is wrapped in paper and well stored with you, then nian and fo mo are not needed.

Omit these tools, and you only need to put the piao, wan, zhu jia, zha, shu yu, and cuo gui all in a lv. The lan is not needed. But in the city, in the nobles’ homes, if they are missing any of the 24 tea tools, that is not drinking tea.

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