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Tea and Music

Tea and music? I’m a big fan of tea, which is obvious, but I’m also a big fan of music and I suspect many of you are, so I thought I would start sharing more than just tea! I’m going to keep a list of all kinds of music here that I listen to when drinking tea. I only take my tea two ways, alone, and with friends. So there are playlists for each.

I have to admit, the idea isn’t original. Lu Ann Pannunzio turned me onto the idea of creating a tea time specific playlist with this post. I immediately fell in love with this playlist and it is my go-to when I’m doing some meditative, alone-time sipping. Definitely, check it out!

For a funkier, bass-inspired tea time with groovy friends, I was inspired by Kevin Gascoyne of Camelia Sinensis. Not only does this guy have great taste in tea, he’s got an ear for the groove as well! And that was the genesis of my own Tea Night playlist.

Mellow and Meditative

Funky with Friends

Tea Lovers' Picks

Rockin' Tea Music

Do you have a playlist that you go to when sipping delicious tea? What’s your favourite meditating tea? Share in the comments below. I am constantly adding to the Tea Night playlist and if you share new playlists, I’ll add them here too. Happy head-bobbing sipping!

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