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China Tea ep. 26 – Bai Hao Oolong, Wenshan Bao Zhong Fenghuang Dan Cong | Sunday Tea Book | Sip-a-long – Wudong Dan Cong

Fenghuang Dan Cong

Fenghuang Cha originates in the Fenghuang Mountains in Chao’an County, Guangdong Province. The reason that it is called Fenghunag Dan Cong is because each individual tea plant has a unique look and taste and therefore needs individual plucking, individual processing, storage and retail. There’s a story that the Song Dynasty Emperor was very thirsty when passing by Wudong Mountain. The local villagers offered him Hong Yin Cha. He was impressed by the tea.

Shape: sturdy

Color: yellowish brown, lustrous

Liquor: clear, bright gold

Aroma: natural floral

Brewed Leaves: green leaves with red edges


Almond Wudong Dan Cong


Dry leaf: Light floral, sweet potato
Liquor colour: Orange-tinged gold
Liquor aroma: Sweet-malty
Flavour: Steady, long-lingering, balanced floral
Mouthfeel: Instantly and consistently thick and full
Gaiwan Lid: Almond meal

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Bai Hao Oolong

Bai Hao Oolong is known as Peng Feng Cha. The more buds in the tea, the better the tea grade. When the liquor cools slightly, drip in a few drops of good brandy to enrich the tea taste. This is one of the reasons it’s known as champagne oolong. Over a hundred years ago, Queen Victoria was impressed by the look and taste of the tea and named it Oriental Beauty.

Shape: prominent white fuzz

Color: red, white, yellow, green, brown

Liquor: amber

Aroma: ripened fruit and honey

Brewed Leaves: intact buds and leaves

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Wenshan Bao Zhong

Wenshan Bao Zhong has a long history. It’s representative of northern Taiwan tea, “Wenshan Bao Zhong in the north, Dongding Oolong in the south (北文山,南冻顶)”. In the early rule of Guangxu Emperor during the Qing Dynasty, Wenshan Bao Zhong was tributed to the royal family in the form of wrapped cubes, 4 liang (around 200g) of tea wrapped by 2 pieces of square paper into a cube shape, and sealed with tea named and retailer mark. This wrapping protects the teas. The best ones come from the Wenshan area in Taipei and is therefore commonly known as Wenshan Bao Zhong.

Shape: tight, curly at the leaf tips

Color: dark green, frog skin color

Liquor: light yellowish green, bright

Aroma: orchid

Brewed Leaves: green leaves with light red edge.

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