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China Tea ep. 25 – Shui Xian, Fo Shou, Huang Jin Gui | Sunday Tea Book | Sip-a-long – Shui Xian Top Grade

Min Bei Shui Xian

Min Bei Shui Xian is a type of Min Bei Wulong that has a unique tasting profile. It originates in Zhuxian Dong in Yanyi Mountains, located in Jianyang, Fujian Province. Its main production region is in Jian’ou and Jianyang cities.

Shape: tight and strong

Color: luster green brown

Liquor: clear orange

Aroma: rich and complex

Brewed Leaves: yellowish green with red edge.


Top Grade Shui Xian – Lao Cong


Dry Leaf: Dark chocolate, hardwood, hints of sweetness
Liquor Colour: deep amber
Liquor Aroma: light mineral, sweet floral
Flavor: Mineral, tobacco, sweet, complex
Mouthfeel: Velvety, dense. Exquisite!
Gaiwan Lid: Creamy floral
Bottom Cup: Brown sugar heating in a dry pan

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Yongchun Fo Shou

The name of this tea comes from its leaves, that look like the leaves of Fo Shou (buddha’s hand or fingered citron), and because when the tea is brewed, it produces an aroma similar to the Fo Shou fruit. Yongchun Fo Shou emerged during the Song Dynasty. Legend has it that a monk of Qihuyan Temple in Anxi grafted a tea branch onto a Fo Shou plant and with care and love, the “experiment” succeeded. He passed this method to his shi di (fellow apprentice) of Shifengyan Temple in Yongchun. And this began the custom among the farmers of Yongchun to plant it.

Shape: Strong, sturdy, and tight, curled.

Color:  Dark brownish green with radiance.

Liquor: bright clear orange.

Aroma: rich, lingering.

Brewed Leaves: big and juicy, lustrous yellowish green.

Huang Jin Gui

Huang Jin Gui gets its name because of the golden liquor with an osmanthus aroma. It’s known for its “one early two unique” plucking standard (“yi zao er qi”, 一早二奇). Early means it sprouts early, and therefore gets to market early. Unique refers to its quality. The shape of the tea is long, slim, and uniform with yellowish green color and radiance (“xi, yun, huang”, 细,匀,黄). The tea has a high aroma and rich taste, unique and elegant (“xiang, qi, xiang”, 香,奇,鲜). There’s a saying that you smell that extraordinary aroma before you even take a sip (“wei chang qing gan wei, xian wen tou tian xiang”, 未尝清甘味,先闻透天香).

Shape: slim and tight 

Color: lustrous

Liquor: bright gold

Aroma: elegant, brisk, osmanthus

Brewed Leaves: yellow-ish green with red edge.

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