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China Tea ep. 34 – Tea Ware Cleaning and Tea Storage | Sunday Tea Book | Sip-a-long – Bai Mu Dan

Step 3 Put away the vessels after brewing


After tea tasting, it’s very important to clean the teaware in a timely fashion. Don’t skip this step only because it feels like a lot of trouble. Leaving the spent tea in the vessel for a long time will contaminate the vessel itself. Moreover, if the teaware is not cleaned properly, the inside of the teaware will develop a layer of tea residue, and some undesired matters will dissolve in the tea liquor next time when we brew in the vessel. This will harm our health. Therefore, a good tea drinker needs to develop a good teaware cleaning habit.


Bai Mu Dan Cake 2018


Dry Leaf: Fresh flowers
Liquor Colour: Bright yellow
Flavour: Sweet asparagus, hints of peach
Mouthfeel: Clean with a nice return sweet

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Best way of cleaning

To clean a Yixing teapot, simply pour out the tea leaves, and rinse with water. Don’t use cleaning product, because once the teapot absorbs the smell of the detergents, it is not worth cultivating (yang, 养) and future brews will be tainted.

Porcelain and glassware can be cleaned with soap. Be sure to clean the handle, bottom of the cup and inside. You can use hands, cotton or any other soft cleaning tool, but no abrasive tools to prevent scratching the surface of the glaze. If there’s a really stubborn tea stain, try some toothpaste instead of detergents.

After cleaning, dry the teaware, and be sure to clean and dry the tea towel as well.

The best way to clean teaware is to dump the spent leaves and rinse all the teaware right after brewing. If you can keep this good habit, you won’t need any cleaning tools, the teaware will remain clean and shiny.

Tea Storage

It’s so important for a tea lover to know how to store tea properly. Good tea that is stored improperly will spoil. Using the tips below to properly store your tea will help prolong its longevity.

  1. When you get a new tea, put the tea in a tea storage container as soon as possible. But before you load the tea storage container, we need to get rid of odor in the container if there’s any. Simply put some tea leaves in the container and give it a shake. If it’s a metal container, give the container a light roast. It’s best to put the tea in the metal container in its original packaging.
  2. There are also some technical considerations when choosing a proper tea storage container. Don’t use containers that were used for other things and don’t use materials like glass that don’t block sunlight. It will affect the quality of tea. If using a metal container, ideally there’s two layers, an inner lid and an outer lid for best sealing. Pure tin containers provide great sealing and opacity.
  3. If you purchase tea in bulk, you can put your daily tea in a smaller container while keep the majority in a big container. If you are aging tea, you can even use tape to get a better seal. But be sure to re-roast the tea yearly.
  4. When fetching the tea, don’t reach the hand directly into the container in case there’s sweat or other odor on hand that might be absorbed by tea. Best way is to use a dedicated tea spoon, used only for this purpose.
  5. Don’t put the tea storage containers in the kitchen, other humid areas, or with clothes. Ideally keep it in a dark, dry place. If stored properly, tea won’t go bad for years, and aged tea develops a unique flavour.

Drink tea in the nature

Drinking tea outdoors is relaxing and calming. Away from the noise of the city, watching the clouds float by with a peaceful heart and a sip of tea to connect us to the nature around us, which nourishes our heart.

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