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China Tea ep. 29 – Dian Hong, Tanyang, Zhenghe Gongfu Tea | Sunday Tea Book | Sip-a-long – Dian Hong

Dian Hong Gongfu

Dian Hong Gongfu hails from the west and the south part of Yunnan Province. It is as famous as Keemun. Dian Hong Gongfu features prominent tea fuzz (hao, 毫) of various colors such as light yellow, orange or golden. One factor that influences the tea fuzz color is the season. In the spring, the tea fuzz has a lighter color, light yellow. The summer tea fuzz is usually an orange color, while the autumn tea fuzz is golden. Another feature of Dian Hong Gongfu is its bright aroma and rich taste, especially those hailing from Yun County. The Dian Hong Gongfu from Yun County has a unique floral aroma.

Shape: tight in shape, sturdy and strong

Color: dark and lustrous

Liquor: bright, radiant

Aroma: brisk, bright, high and lingering

Brewed Leaves: uniform, red, tender and vivid


Dian Hong

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Dry leaf: fruity (plumb, raisin)
Liquor colour: bright copper
Liquor aroma: wet hay
Flavor: sweet (plum, raisin) with hints of hay
Mouthfeel: refreshing crispness

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Zhenghe Gongfu

Among Fujian black tea, Zhenghe Gongfu is a stripe shaped tea that has the most high mountain features. The main production region is in Zhenghe area with most tea gardens in the sloped mountain forests  where the soil is rich and tea plants thrive. Zhenghe Gongfu uses the Zhenghe Da Bai Cha big leaf cultivar as well as small leaf cultivars. The teas that use the Da Bai Cha cultivar are rich in flavour and tea fuzz. It’s considered one of the top teas among Min Bei Gongfu. The teas that uses small leaf cultivars has a high aroma similar to Keemun.

Shape: tight

Color: lustrous black

Liquor: sexy red

Aroma: violet floral

Brewed Leaves: orange red

Tanyang Gongfu

Tanyang Gongfu is one of the top three Fujian Gongfu black teas. It used to be the top of Fujian black tea (min hong, 闽红) based on its vast production region, the quantity produced and that it was the most exported. It’s said that Tanyang Gongfu was first invented over 100 years ago by a villager in Tanyang Village, Fu’an City in the Qing Dynasty during the Xianfeng and Tongzhi Emperors’ time (1851-1874).

Shape: tight

Color: lustrous black

Liquor: bright red

Aroma: high and brisk

Brewed Leaves: radiant red

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