Ultimate Pu’er Seminar – Toronto


23 September 2017

This is an extensive 2-in-1 Pu’er seminar/tasting. During our 2 hours together you will be enjoying the taste of authentic rare Pu’er teas while ramping up from the basics all the way to in-depth Pu’er knowledge. We’ll cover the history, the market, and the real taste of aged Pu’er tea.

Cut the light and fluffy tea anecdotes, we’re diving into the real meat of Pu’er. This is a perfect seminar for you have ever wondered:

  • What is a Pu’er tea, from Yunnan, Laos, or Nepal?
  • Big leaf, big tree, old tree and ancient tree, what exactly do these mean?
  • Sheng Pu’er or Shu Pu’er, what’s the difference? Is sheng Pu’er better than shu Pu’er?
  • Banzhang, Bingdao, Pasha, what do these locations mean? How do I choose them?
  • Wet or dry storage, which way shall I go? How can I identify the type of storage used by the taste?
  • Real or fake, can I identify it? How do I know the age of a Pu’er tea?

This is a seminar where you will learn hardcore knowledge about Pu’er as well as up-to-date insider information about what’s happening in the Yunnan tea market and the greater Chinese tea market.

Seminars and tastings do not contribute to the order’s free shipping total.

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