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China Tea ep. 18 – Jingshan Cha, Anji Bai Cha – Sunday Tea Book – Sip-a-long – Guzhu Zi Sun

Jingshan Cha

Jingshan Cha, also known as Jingshan Xiang Ming, is a historically famous tea. Jingshan Cha has a strict plucking standard and production procedure. One of the features of Jingshan Cha is to pluck early while the tea is very tender. The best quality ones are made before Guyu. Usually, the plucking standard is one bud with one or two leaves. 1 kg of top-grade Jingshan chan consists of about 62,000 buds and leaves.

Shape: tight with fuzz

Color: bright green

Liquor: bright

Taste: fresh chestnut

Brewed Leaves: tender, cluster shaped.


Guzhu Zi Sun – Ming Qian

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Dry: sweet matcha, soy nut
Liquor Colour: light green
Aroma: light bean and floral (orchid)
Flavour: sweet snow pea, powerful return sweet
Mouth Feel: smooth, refreshing, and complex
Bottom Cup: dried apricot

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Anji Bai Cha

Compared with other green teas, Anji Bai Cha is significantly higher in amino acid and richer in nutrition. So it not only has great taste and mouthfeel but also benefits our health. In recent years, Anji Bai Cha has been popular among the ladies as a “beauty tea”.

Shape: flat, stream

Color: bright green

Liquor: bright

Taste: long lasting aroma

Brewed Leaves: soft and juicy

Guzhu Zi Sun

Guzhu Zi Sun is a famous historical tea, a “senior” among royal tribute teas. It was considered the best tea by Lu Yu (Tang dynasty). The fresh leaves have a slight purple tinge and the young leaves are curled up like bamboo shoots. That’s why it’s called Zi (purple) Sun (bamboo shoots).

Shape: bud and leaves hugged together like an orchid flower

Color: bright green with fuzz

Liquor: bright and clear

Taste: rich and uplifting

Brewed Leaves: tender, light green.

Laozhu Da Fang

Laozhu Da Fang was created by monk Da Fang on the Dafang Mountain in Laozhu Ling, Shenan, Huizhou, Anhui Province. It has over 400 years of history. There are 3 types of Da Fang Cha, Laozhu Da Fang, Ding Gu Da Fang, and Su Pei Da Fang. Laozhu Da Fang, also known as Zhu Ye Da Fang, has a flat shape, smooth and uniform. It looks like Long Jing, but sturdier.

Shape: straight and smooth

Color: deep green

Liquor: light yellow

Taste: chestnut

Brewed Leaves: tender, even, yellowish-green.

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