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China Tea ep. 20 – Sheng Pu’er & Shu Pu’er – Sunday Tea Book – Sip-a-long – Old Tree Sheng Puerh 2015

Sheng Pu’er Cake

There are more and more books about Pu’er tea and the tea horse road nowadays. Pu’er tea is gaining more attention all over the world because of its long history and rich culture.


Old Tree Sheng Pu’er 2017


Dry leaf: Straw, hint of barnyard
Liquor colour: Golden-yellow
Liquor aroma: Sweet-malty
Flavour: Barnyard, straw
Mouthfeel: Gentle astringency, thick and full-bodied

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Cha Ma Gu Dao, Pu’er culture

Pu’er tea usually comes pressed into different shapes, where the tea leaves slowly oxidize and ferment. The longer the age, the richer the taste. On the tea horse road, bouncing on the backs of the horses and mules, experiencing hot sun, wind, rain and dust, and the smells of the animals and people, these are undoubtedly the final steps of tea processing. During this long and dangerous road trip, Pu’er developed its own unique and deep yun.


The dry leaves are dark and brown-green, with silver fuzz if it’s a higher grade.


The liquor color is bright and has a light yellowish-green color. It’s astringent, and pungent, with a rich green tea aroma and a good return sweet (hui gan).

Shu Pu’er Cake

The health benefits of Shu Pu’er are more and more recognized by people. It promotes our health, helps weight loss, encourages digestion.

Age for the taste

There are 54 aroma compounds in Shu Pu’er. The process of piling, drying, and aging enriches the compounds in tea. This is closely related to temperature and humidity, enzymic catalysis, and microbial activities. The microbes generate heat and metaboliteswhich play an important part in the degradation of catechin, sugar and amino acid, as well as the transformation of tea aroma and taste. After piling, catechin content is greatly reduced and the bitterness and astringency lower. This is the primary reason many people favor Shu Pu’er, its rich aged taste, and easily accepted flavor.


The dry leaves are reddish-brown or dark chestnut, commonly known as “pig’s ? liver” color.


The liquor is a rich red, bright, and smooth. Shu Pu’er is rich with the taste of age taste, return sweet (hui gan), and has no moldy or other unpleasant flavors.

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