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China Tea ep. 21 – Lao Paka, Liu Bao Cha, Fu Zhua | Sunday Tea Book | Sip-a-long – Fu Zhuan

Boil Lao Paka

Unique Pu’er Lao Paka

Lao Paka is a traditional tea of the Hani people in Simao, Yunnan Province. The name Paka comes from the local pronunciation. It’s often called Lao (old) Paka because the leaves are old and mature.

Lao Paka uses the old leaves from the tea plant. The leaves are put into boiling water to seize the enzymes. When the leaves have withered in the water, they are taken out to dry. They can also be roasted on charcoal once they’re dried to help the tea release its aroma when drinking.


Fu Zhuan


Dry leaf: Light mushroom
Wet Leaf: herbal, light dried fruit
Liquor colour: Orange
Liquor aroma: Dried fruit
Flavor: Woody, mushroom
Mouthfeel: Glossy, Full bodied

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The tea has old leaves with clear veins and a light green-ish brown color.


Light bright yellow liquor brings an aromatic, sweet, and light taste.

Liubao Cha

Liubao Cha is a historically famous tea. After aging for years, golden flowers appear in the tea, which helps improve the tea’s quality. It secretes amylase enzyme and oxidase that catalyze the starch in tea into monosaccharide and polyphenol oxidase. It encourages the liquor color’s change to brownish red and eliminates the “qing” (green) flavor.

Shape: individual leaves in a cylinder shape

Dry leaf color: deep brown with luster

Liquor: red, rich, bright amber color

Taste: rich and aged flavor

Brewed leaves: brown or reddish-brown

Fu Cha

Fu Cha, also known as Hu Cha because the material comes from Hunan Province at the moment, is also named Fu (伏) Cha because it’s made during hot summer days (fu伏 tian). The name Fu (茯) Cha comes from its similar aroma and function as the poria mushroom(tu fu lin 土茯苓). The effect of the tea on lowering blood sugar, blood fat, and blood pressure has been proven and recognized by the medical world and the tea world. It is a great preventative drink and a good adjuvant for the three H’s, hypertension, hyperglycemia, and hypercholesterolemia.

Shape: comes in a brick shape

Dry leaf color: yellowish-brown

Liquor: bright orange

Taste: pure

Brewed leaves: deep brown, incomplete

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